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Turkey’s Revenge: EU to be Swamped With 2 Million Plus Refugees

ANKARA – Turkey – Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus, has revealed some troubling news for the EU which could effectively swamp the continent with 2 million more refugees this summer.

Already, it is spring, and the augurs do not bode well for the EU, with Britain leaving its sinking union, and the fires of patriotism burning in France and the Netherlands.

Schengen Nightmare

The corridor from Libya to Italy is a proven route for much of Africa to enter the EU, once inside they have no limitations in travelling across the EU and settling in any country they please due to the EU’s suicidal Schengen zone.

Much of the traffic goes through Greece’s porous borders, although some unlucky refugees are detained in Greek camps where they are treated like animals with poor sanitation, limited food and water.

This summer of 2017, we could be seeing another re-run of the mass exodus that was witnessed in 2015, when approximately 3 million people crossed into the EU causing chaos, anarchy and a human crisis not seen since World War II.

As the blossoms sprout beautifully on Europe’s fields, so too will the lines and lines of millions of people coming to the EU, searching for a better life, looking for what they see and hear on the internet of the privileged European dream.

Poverty, war, drought, it all adds up to a nasty soup, and the hatred of Muslims by most of the EU population, will eventually lead to some sort of civil unrest as the millions keep on coming and coming. By denying Turkey what was promised, the EU has been dangling the carrot on the stick for too long, and without any prize, Turkey has nothing to lose, it has already been burdened by over 5 million refugees from Syria and Iraq, and to see them go West will be a release of this burden.

The Turks are a hated race by many countries, and are surrounded completely by their enemies, however they should not be underestimated in their strategic role, not only militarily but in their geographic positioning. The Turk can once again aspire to invade Europe, albeit through the use of refugees, as once they did the walls of Vienna. For centuries, Turks have been vilified and feared by Europeans, and today in the 21st Century, we can see nothing has changed in history.

Erdogan, the current Turkish leader has taken Turkey back to its Islamic roots, he has thrown out all the Western reformations that Kemal Ataturk had put in place, and this is why, today instead of seeing women in high skirts walking the streets as they did in the sixties and seventies, you only see hijabs and burkas, and only a few women who dare wear Western clothes without coverings.

By going back East, looking towards China and Russia, Turkey has also endangered its place in NATO, but as the second largest army in the group, it still is useful to the U.S. so keeps its place.

There will not be any change in Turkey any time soon, unless of course there is regime change and a more moderate Western government is formed, until then, Europe will be swamped with wave after wave of refugees, the new de facto weapon of choice in a world where economic wars are waged and proxy wars utilising other elements are an every day occurrence.

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