Angry Vegetable Lib Dem Tim Farron Fights Back

LONDON - England - An ode to the political meanderings of wayward Lib Dem treacherous angry vegetable, Tim Farron.


When it comes to turnips, one imagines the permanent angry scowl of Tim Farron as he vacillates to and fro across the vegetable patch, a spitting noxious veggie, this piece of putrid detritus they call Tim Farron.

As annoying as his predecessor, Farron is the epitome of Marxism at work, his politics stuck in a swamp of excrement, out dated and spoiling, rotten to the core.

Here is a turnip that wants to scupper Brexit, and he is going on tirade after tirade trying his best to justify disallowing the vote of 52% of the electorate to leave the EU.

We say to you and your ilk Farron, you are to be served up on the dinner plate of ineptitude, festering aggressive pustulence and swine.

Fed to the pigs, your rotting marrow will be excreted out of their puckered arse holes and spread across the sty where you wholeheartedly belong.