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EU Referendum: Betrayal of the People by Traitors in Undemocratic Coup

LONDON - England - The High Court decision today is a betrayal of the will of the people cast on June 23 2016 in the EU referendum.

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Britain as a nation is now on the verge of being lost, and all it has worked for for centuries are now but a memory.

We are now living in a Stasi EU zone with no sovereign rights, we are ordered about by the unelected eurocrats in the EU Commission, and many within parliament are now servants to the European Union.


This great betrayal of the people who voted in a democratically held EU referendum will not be forgotten, and those who are accountable in parliament to thwart the democratic vote will feel the wrath of the voters when it comes to election time.

It’s Them Against 17.5 Million People Who Voted Brexit

They will not be elected again, they will be despised and as they are traitorous scum, they shall be left to the dung heap of history, a forgotten note under a morass of festering putrid excrement.

True Britons never give up, and they will not, they will fight against the duplicitous forces within this nation that seek to commit High Treason against the Crown.

As much as the ground that has been lost today by the criminal treasonous High Court decision to overstep the voters, there will never be an end to the fight for sovereign status from those who wish the UK to be ruled by the Soviet EU entity.

No doubt, Brussels has the law courts firmly within their grasp, but the Remain traitors, lickspittle vile treasonous vermin will one day get their comeuppance.

And in other news, the pound spiked, so we have further proof of who else is behind all of this.

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