John Redwood the Only Vanguard Brexiteer?

LONDON - England - Brexit means Brexit. John Redwood is correct in voicing his concerns in how the Brexit is being conducted with new threats coming to the fore daily.



Out of all Brexiteers, John Redwood has been pretty much the only one who is shouting the loudest when the unjust, undemocratic whining cheating Remain camp or EU come up with another idea to foil Brexit.

Redwood is certainly right in saying that Britons did not vote for a “slightly beefed-up version” of David Cameron’s attempted renegotiation with the EU.

He writes: “We voted to leave, to take back control of our laws, our money and our borders. Those phrases were repeated throughout the Leave campaign, heard and understood by many, and approved by the majority of voters.

“The rest of the EU is missing the point. There should  be no negotiation over taking back control of these important matters.

“When the Conservatives lost the 2005 election – partly based on Labour’s lie of no more boom and bust – we did not try to overturn the election result, take them to court, or demand a re-run! We accepted the verdict of the UK voters.”

Exactamundo! As the Fonz would say.

We voted to Get the Fuck Out of the EU. OUT! GO! GONE! VAMOOSE! AUS!

As for Theresa May saying she wants to ‘please everybody’, that is an impossibility. The majority of the people in the UK voted to LEAVE the EU, and there are going to be some sour faces around but that’s life, get over it, have a cream soda.

We are now in serious danger of having our democracy violated not only by the EU but the traitorous Remain whiners who don’t understand democracy. You have a vote, whoever wins wins. That’s it. You don’t have another vote just because you lost, that is wrong, that is cheating, that is a violation of democracy.

Remain lost the vote. Get over it. You wanted Britain to stay in some dystopian soviet EU stasi nightmare where even greater union would be foisted on Britain and its sovereignty wiped from the face of the earth. Remain people are deluded, they are willing slaves to the Eurocrats, they are brainwashed idiots each and every one of them, contemptible scum not even worthy of pity.

If there was a state of war right now, all those who voted Remain would be put in camps, because they cannot be trusted, they are nothing but traitors. All their names have been taken.

As for Scotland, yes, they had a 60% Remain vote, but 40% of Scots are not vindictive English hating racists. When the Scots voted for independence they were effectively voting to leave the EU, but funny thing is they did not have a problem with it then. The majority of Scots are bitterly jealous of the English, and they are foisting their own failures as a nation onto voting in referendums. Scotland is blighted by alcoholism, poor diet, unemployment, drugs and a vast hatred for England all rolled into one sickbag of a benefits economy not worth anything. The EU referendum result was the whole United Kingdom voting, and it does not matter that most Scots voted for Remain out of spite, the whole UK emphatically voted to LEAVE the EU.

Brexit means Brexit. Deal with it.