The Great Remain Sulk (GRS) and Project Fear

LONDON - England - Project Fear is almost at an end as the Remain campaign come to terms with the result of the democratically voted EU referendum.



On the 23rd June 2016, the people of the United Kingdom collectively voted to get out of the EU.

Since the results unanimously proclaimed a win for the Leave side, the Remain campaign has not halted their campaign, and Project Fear is an ongoing mission amongst the IN campaigners.

Sore losers to a democratic referendum, the remain camp is doing everything in its power to destabilise an already unstable post-Brexit situation by disseminating scare stories and disinformation.

This is wrong, and should be stopped. Remain lost fair and square and should accept the result from the British people.

Even George Osborne, came out of hiding and today gave a positive Brexit speech revealing contingency plans for the country and economy.

Boris Johnson, who is the key contender to head a post-Brexit government, gave a speech this morning detailing plans for moving Britain forward in the next few months.

“There will still be intense and intensifying European cooperation and partnership in a huge number of fields: the arts, the sciences, the universities, and on improving the environment.

“EU citizens living in this country will have their rights fully protected, and the same goes for British citizens living in the EU.

“British people will still be able to go and work in the EU; to live; to travel; to study; to buy homes and to settle down. As the German equivalent of the CBI – the BDI – has very sensibly reminded us, there will continue to be free trade, and access to the single market.”

“The only change – and it will not come in any great rush – is that the UK will extricate itself from the EU’s extraordinary and opaque system of legislation: the vast and growing corpus of law enacted by a European Court of Justice from which there can be no appeal.

“This will bring not threats, but golden opportunities for this country – to pass laws and set taxes according to the needs of the UK.

“Yes, the Government will be able to take back democratic control of immigration policy, with a balanced and humane points-based system to suit the needs of business and industry.

“Yes, there will be a substantial sum of money which we will no longer send to Brussels, but which could be used on priorities such as the NHS. Yes, we will be able to do free trade deals with the growth economies of the world in a way that is currently forbidden.”

There is nothing to fear. Britain will conduct its business in good time, and the markets have been calmed.

If you are a Remain campaigner, please get over yourself, you must accept the result that was democratically voted by the British people.

Brexit is a fundamentally outward looking project. It does not seek to isolate Britain from Europe, or the world, and now is the time to embrace it for all parties.