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Bow Group Calls on Foreign Secretary to Withdraw Statement on Gibraltar

LONDON - England - The Bow Group, Britain's oldest conservative think tank, has called for Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond to withdraw and clarify his statements on Britain's ability to protect Gibraltar, or resign.


Gibraltar has nothing to fear post-Brexit despite the hysterical fearmongering comments from Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond.

Asked about what would happen to Gibraltar, which Madrid said it would seek to jointly govern with London after the Brexit vote, the Foreign Secretary said:

“We will be less able to protect Gibraltar’s interests outside of the EU.”

  • Foreign Secretary has called into question Britain’s ability to protect Gibraltar post-Brexit.
  • Spanish government has consistently expressed the desire for shared sovereignty of the Islands, and has reiterated this call following the Brexit vote.
  • A referendum in Gibraltar in 2002 demonstrated that 99% of residents were in favour of the continuation of British rule.
  • In 2013 the British Government gave the following statement: “The Prime Minister has made clear that the UK government will meet its constitutional commitments to the people of Gibraltar and will not compromise on sovereignty”.
  • The Bow Group calls for the Foreign Secretary to withdraw and clarify the comments, or resign alongside other members of the government who cannot support the EU referendum result.
  • Andrew Rosindell MP describes the Foreign Secretaries comments as “hysterical”. 


Bow Group Chairman Ben Harris-Quinney said:

“I have worked closely with members of the Spanish government and Partido Poplar, and have been proud to do so, but the people of Gibraltar have indicated their very clear desire that Gibraltar should remain British and that must be respected by the British and Spanish governments alike.

The Foreign Secretary should be doing everything he can to support and defend our territories, his statement today has caused great concern in Gibraltar and Britain, and cast doubt over the future of Gibraltar’s status during a time of uncertainty.

Phillip Hammond must clarify and withdraw his statements. If he and other “Remain” supporting Ministers are not willing to fulfil their duty with Britain now leaving the EU, they must resign with immediate effect.

On learning of the Foreign Secretary’s statement this afternoon, long term campaigner for Gibraltar’s British status Andrew Rosindell MP said:

“Gibraltar is British and will be protected & kept safe no matter what. It is hysterical to suggest otherwise.”

The Bow Group is Britain’s oldest, most respected Conservative think tank.

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