Strategists: Putin Wants Britain to Stay In EU

GENEVA - Switzerland - Strategists working for covert agencies relating to International security and military geopolitical proliferation have revealed that Vladimir Putin would be strengthened if Britain stayed in the EU.

“What the EU does is it weakens individual nations, not only economically but militarily. This simple fact plays into the hands of Putin who does not want a strong Britain, he much prefers a weak country, watered down, flooded with migrants and destabilised internally.

“Putin is currently carpet bombing whole swathes of Syria creating a humanitarian crisis never before seen in this century. His plan is to create a mass exodus of people into Europe destabilising it and effectively disarming the EU state. The EU leaders are too pre-occupied with dealing with the mass migration to bother about Putin’s troop movements in the Crimean peninsula or along the borders of Finland, and other Scandinavian countries.

“The supreme chess player, Putin’s overall plan is to take Europe and his first strategy is one of chaos, anarchy, destabilisation of all EU nations who are now weakened and cannot fight back.

“This is why, if Britain joins the EU, it will thus be swallowed up by the EU mechanism of stripping nations down to weakened carcasses, unable to defend themselves, basic shells devoid of a functioning economic apparatus, and also to strip the country of its will to fight. The EU does this by de-programming any nationalism within the country it has taken over. Through education and brainwashing techniques within all levels of society.

“If Britain votes to stay in, Putin’s plan will have worked. Britain’s borders will be ordered to open fully by the EU, and would receive an estimated 20 million migrants, further destroying the NHS, schools, and other public services. There would not be any welfare system because the deluge would drain all funds.

“David Cameron, the current British PM, does not know anything about military matters, strategy or geopolitical technique. He is solely interested in his little world of EU bottom-sniffing, and his aspirational career. The non-legally-bound deal he made with EU unelected bureaucrats would not stop anything, and would weaken Britain enormously playing into the hands of Vladimir Putin.

“To make one’s on decisions is paramount to any security situation, and in the EU, Britain would be stripped of this further. It is therefore in Britain’s interests to leave the EU immediately, for to not do so would relinquish itself to forces far more nefarious and cause a calamity much worse in the long term.

“Putin’s strategy is in the long term and he is betting on more destabilisation first, to ready the ground for the final push. Putin does not want Europe to be destroyed completely, and he will resist full nuclear use, as his aspiration is to build a New World Order in his name this is why he is using the migrant deluge as a primary attack plan, and it is working.”