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Border Agencies: Six Million Migrants to Cross Into Europe This Summer

CRETE - Greece - The warm weather is now filtering through and the seas are calm. This is the perfect time for migrants to cross into Europe and be welcomed with open arms by the EU.

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The main route of passage used by many migrants from the Third World is through Greece which does not have an effectively functioning border. Once through Greece it is very easy to pass through to Europe because of limited checks and a welcome policy by Sweden and Germany.

“It is very easy. I say too easy. We go through Croatia, Serbia, and Hungary. From there we go to Germany and some go to Sweden, or France. No one wants to stay in France though because they are the worst type of racists and give you no help,” Mahmoud Jahangir, from Lahore, Pakistan told Euronews on Thursday.

What about the fences that have been erected along some borders?

“Wire cutters. We have teams of people with equipment and once we find a way we are in. This is no problem for us,” a migrant travelling through Slovakia revealed.

There has been little effort in mainland Greece to halt the deluge, and the frustration of some of the migrants sometimes spills over. Yesterday, two refugees from Afghanistan tried to hang themselves in Athens.

“We see the good life they live, so we want what they have. I want house, car, women, TV. Here in my homeland I have nothing. This is why I make the journey and the people there have no choice but to take us. They are Europeans, rich and accommodating, they believe in democracy, in justice. We will come by the millions. Thank you EU. Thank you Merkel. We love you!” Abdul bin Djawal, a refugee passing through Greece told news reporters.


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