Britain Has Two Choices: Churchill or Chamberlain – Victory or Surrender

LONDON - England - Britons have only two choices during the EU Referendum, victory against the EU by voting to leave, or surrender in cowardice by voting to stay.

The EU Referendum could be a last goodbye to Britain with a sordid cowardly surrender or it could be a victorious courageous brave win against all odds, adversity and treachery.

Once Britain is gone, it would be swallowed up by the EU and the country will never be able to come back. It will be destroyed bit by bit, every part of it will be dissected and assimilated into the collective.

If you wish to do harm to Britain you will vote to stay In the EU, because your actions will cause irreparable damage to this once great nation. You will also have betrayed your countrymen, you will have dishonoured your ancestors and all those who fought in the great wars ancient and near, you will have to live with this thought for the rest of your days on earth.

Your betrayal shall live with you past the grave as you shall be known as the person who effectively sold out your country to those who had no care for Britain.


David Cameron is Neville Chamberlain, and he knows it in his heart and it shames him every day. To even stand up now is hard work for him, he is racked with guilt and even though he may exist in a form of denial, he will be known as the Prime Minister who nearly surrendered Britain, an act of supreme cowardice close to treason.

It does not have to be this way.

You can fight, fight till the last dying embers of your fiery breath, never extinguishing the flame of battle. You do not have to lie down and surrender. Never! Never Surrender!

Boris Churchill

In all of Britain’s history, ‘surrender’ has never been part of the English language, or the armed forces, or the people.

You can fight the EU now, for time is short, and awaken the true spirit of what it is to be a citizen of Great Britain.

For thousands of years Britons have survived without an EU, and for a thousand more years Britons can survive and flourish as the world is large beyond the borders of France and Germany.

It is your choice. Embrace Victory outside the non-democratic EU or Surrender to those, who wish only to rule over you and take away your sovereignty.

Freedom or Slavery.