EU Referendum: Boris Could Turn to the Dark Side

LONDON - England - Boris Johnson looks set to be offered a job in the Cabinet as David Cameron attempts to buy his loyalty ahead of the European Union referendum.

What price freedom? Or selling out your country?

Procuring a cushy Cabinet post might do it, a chauffeur, extra security and more pussy than an oversubscribed cattery.

Boris Johnson may be a maverick but the dark side is now tempting him, as his Bully chum from Oxy waves an EU carrot in front of him.

We’re only a few days into 2016 and already the pace has quickened markedly.

The predictions are clear, Boris will embrace the dark side, as the bee embraces the nectar, the Brussels Death Star will reward him greatly and may even clear his path to eventual Prime Sith-tership.

Will Boris join the dark side?

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