New Book Uncovers Startling Evidence that Adolf Hitler was a Practising Hippy

MUNICH - Germany - Adolf Hitler took time out from running Nazi Germany to be a hippy and take psychedelic drugs, a new book claims.

When he was not ordering stormtroopers into Germany’s neighbouring countries, Adolf Hitler would relax with a large bong and strum on his ukelele.

The dictator would often break from the serious nature of waging his campaign to “paint flowers on his VW Camper van” before driving it around the Bavarian countryside with his entourage of free-spirited fellow “magic mushroom munching hippies”.

His favourite hippy friend was the Luftwaffe chief Herman Goering, who was notoriously fond of wearing medals and decorations on his flared lederhosen trousers whilst singing freedom songs around a fire.

“Feelin’ groovy”

According to the book a servant working at the Fuhrer’s hippy hideout, the Kehlsteinhaus, told of how Hitler and his hippy friends rarely washed and would smell awful especially in the summer months.

Having a bath was a dirty word and the boys would prefer to be out driving around in their VW van, indulging in magic mushrooms and playing their bongo drums. Eva Braun was said to not mind Hitler’s penchant for not washing because she herself never washed or shaved.


Hitler driving his beloved VW camper van around Berchtesgaden circa 1943

Hitler was said to be very proud of his platform shoes which he acquired after ordering a team of German scientists to develop them secretly in 1942.

When the war was over, an enterprising American GI found the secret plans for the platform shoes and took them to America. During the 60’s and 70’s they were finally introduced into American culture. Hitler, however preferred to go everywhere barefoot and seldom wore any shoes when he was not on duty as the Fuhrer.

On another occasion he noticed his official drug supplier Heinrich Hoffman had drunk too much peyote juice: “Heini! Far out man – don’t finish it up – leave some for us too.”

“We all want to change the world”

The Fuhrer’s hippy credentials, which included ingesting huge amounts of psychedelic drugs, and eating bucketloads of lentils with his Bavarian veggie sausage has been finally revealed in a book called The Last Toke, to be published in Britain later this year.

It is written by Dharma Borman, 90, one of the hangers-on in the Berlin Psychedelic Bunker where Hitler spent his last days before being abducted by aliens in April 1945.

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