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Bill Clinton Glad Hillary Did Not Win

NEW YORK - USA - Former president of the United States, Bill Clinton has spoken of his relief that Hillary did not win the democratic candidacy.

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Speaking to Saloon Magazine, former US president and philanthropist, Bill Clinton has spoken of his “extreme relief” that his Senator wife did not win against Barack Obama.

“I supported my wife in her endeavours 100% but am happy that she will have more time to pursue other political roles,” Mr Clinton was quoted as saying.

Some political pundits in Washington have gone as far as saying that Bill might have even derailed his wife’s chances on purpose.

“Can you imagine the security that would be around the Clinton’s if she was to become president. It would be some serious security, and you know how Bill likes to play around. He knows full well what White House security is like, it’s the best in the world. You can’t fart in the White House without someone knowing about it,” Ed Jarlsberg, a senior press spokesman for CNBL News exclaimed during a news conference on Capitol Hill.

Now that Hillary is out of the presidential picture, Bill can let off a huge sigh of relief and get back to his special jet flights and hot young fillies who are “oh, so eager to please”.

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