McCain Cannot Wait to Drive His New Mobility Scooter in White House Grounds

WASHINGTON DC - USA - John McCain is eagerly anticipating testing out his new mobility scooter in the vast grounds of the White House.

John McCain, the Republican candidate for the presidential election, is itching to get into the White House. Asked on CNN’s Hardtalk why he wanted to really become president he gave a surprising reply: “I want to test out my McCain-310 mobility scooter on the White House grounds. I’ll be whizzing along at high speed, ripping up the lawn. The thrill of driving through the White House lawn is making me salivate with joy. Oh boy, you should just see the scooter go!”

Lil ol’ rascal

The brilliant mobility scooter that McCain will drive through the White House grounds if he wins the presidency offers Class 3, 7 mph performance and headlight, hazard lights and directional indicators. The supercharged McCain scooter has 12″ tyres, suspension front and rear, and long range batteries. This is a machine that is designed from top to bottom for a president. It is also designed to go over rough ground in great comfort. The McCain-310 Mobile has a 28 stone weight carrying capacity.

The company that designed the McCain-310 mobility scooter have put a lot of effort into their design process and have supplied John McCain with the only working prototype to enjoy himself with until full production starts next year.

“Our future president has piloted the fastest jets in the world during his distinguished military service. Do you think he’s going to stop driving fast machines? Hell no!” a senior GOP representative told the quarterly edition of Scooter Magazine.