Rumer Willis Takes it on the Chin

LOS ANGELES - CA - The genetic offspring of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer, is taking up pro boxing and has been hailed as a real powerhouse by her trainers.

Rumer Willis has tried everything in Hollywood already — acting, surfing, producing, designing and even flower arranging. Until now she has not found her real forte and being the daughter of the Hollywood equivalent of royalty is not easy on a woman who is an up and coming starlet in her own right.

“I want to be my own star. Dad is the Pulp Fiction Die Hard action man and mom can’t even get roles anymore, but she can still kick it with the gigolos!” Rumer was quoted as saying in The Ring magazine last week.

Rumer Has It

Her boxing trainer is chinstruck at the resilience of this girl. “She’s got more chins than Mount Rushmore! No one can knock her out! I had my prize fighter get in the ring with her the other day and he pounded away at her chin for twenty minutes — nothing! Not even a scratch or wobble of her legs! We’re calling her Concrete Rumer because of that chin,” Vince Gambina, the famous trainer from Golds Boxing gym in Venice Beach, said.

Boxing pundits are already screaming her name: “She works like a heavyweight, swinging looping haymakers careless of where they land, confident that they hurt. Her chin is solid and is made of pure steel. In all my years I’ve never seen such a resilient chin in any boxer, male or female,” Ed Palamino, the famous boxing commentator said after watching her in the gym.

Rumer has been training for her first competition for the past six months and will compete in the women’s IFBA World Junior Bantamweight Championship as Rumer “Concrete” Willis commencing on July 12th at Isleta Casino & Resort in Albuquerque.

Watch this space, folks. Rumer Willis is going to be wading through the competition like a chin through butter.