Barack Obama Meets Michael Dukakis

WASHINGTON DC - USA - Barack Obama who was recently endorsed by Al Gore, has also met previous presidential loser Michael Dukakis to get tips on losing the general election.

Barack Obama has been getting some major endorsements of late. First there was the KKK, next came Al Gore and now Michael Dukakis has come out of the woodwork for one last stab at rocking the election.

White America is bracing itself for the slim possibility of a black president, but all the evidence is now pushing towards a token black candidate going for an election ride of a lifetime.

“America is one of the most racist, fractured and ghettoized nations in the world. Of course
we talk about things like ‘justice for all’ and ‘freedom’, but at the end of the day whites live in one area and blacks live in another. There is no way in hell a black man will ever be president and this election is simply a form of posturing, an illusion of equality in a
sea of racist rhetoric and token candidacy. They’re gonna let him [Obama] run to show that the system ain’t racist, but he ain’t gonna win, no way sir!” a senior Pentagon aide told Fox News’ the O’Reilly

You may remember that back in June 1988 Michael Dukakis was leading George Bush by an average of 8.2 percent in the polls. Bush went on to win the general election by 7.8 points.

Bush senior then led the relatively unknown Bill Clinton by 4.9 percent in June of ’92, but managed to lose in November by 5.6 percent. John Kerry led in the June 2004 polls by
an average of 0.9 percent, but lost the popular vote and the election to the incumbent Bush by 2.4 points.

So, while Mr Obama’s leads are certainly signs for Democrats to be optimistic, history points to another loser.