Our Response to Latest Lord Dannatt Communique Regarding ISIS

LONDON - England - The terror inducing attack in Tunisia, where countless British civilians lost their lives is a reminder of the dangers of ISIS, and a call to arms for the West, as acknowledged by Lord Dannatt.

The former Chief of the General Staff, Lord Dannatt has written in the Daily Mail on Sunday that military action is needed to stave off the rise of Islamic group, ISIS.

The Daily Squib has been calling for an increase in military expenditure and re-introduction of the military draft for over a year and it is good that someone of his stature is slowly coming round to calling for some form of troop deployment to the Middle East.

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The terrible act of terrorism on innocent tourists in Tunisia murdering 39 people in cold blood, was committed in a country supposedly freed by regime change in 2011 and was a so-called success story of the Arab Spring.

One must understand the savagery involved in such actions on the tourists in Tunisia, and how detrimental to Western civilisation it truly is. The only response should be to go to war in a clinical, effective manner, eradicating the threat completely. This action can only be completed with intricate planning, including contingency plans for post conflict stabilisation.

What Lord Dannatt says in so many words can be boiled down to one sentence, and that is the globalised West is nearing a point of action.

The West however must heed some warning in entering a conflict through obvious provocation by groups like ISIS. War is expensive, and every air strike, troop mobilisation, intelligence operation, logistical, and tactical manoeuvre costs large sums of money. Under the current uncertain economic climate, this is what the enemy probably wants the West to do, and are provoking a return to boots on the ground to embroil the West in another quagmire, or as the Americans phrase it, a ‘clusterfuck’. The West can however bypass the costly part by using military conflict as an economic boost, not only as a tool of conquest but increased spending on the weapons industry.

On the subject of globalisation, there are obstructions in its progression. These blockages, chiefly Iran, Syria, N. Korea and key players, Russia and China, are the final barrier to a world that is truly global.

Friend or foe?

How come the West tolerates Saudi Arabia? They have multiple beheadings, stoning and arms chopped off for stealing. This form of Middle Ages barbarism is still tolerated, and Western leaders visiting Saudi Arabia are convivial with their leaders and royalty. In essence, Saudi Arabia is not that much different from ISIS regarding brutality and yet it is tolerated and revered as a key ally. This question is possibly answered by what lies under the feet of Saudis, a thick black substance that powers the vehicles of the West. Yes, there are elements of hypocrisy in how the West deals with the Middle East, but there are many separate variables and strings that must be taken into consideration.

By sending a few thousand troops to the Middle East now, a sticky plaster to the problem would be the ultimate result. For the real solution, we at the Daily Squib suggest full military conscription and an increase in spending for all armed forces. This suggestion cannot be scrimped on, and the financing of this effort is there already, just stop spending on useless foreign aid, because it is not needed any more. Extravagances like foreign aid spending must come after conflict. These are times of war. The mainstream media is not acknowledging the fact that the world is in the intermediate beginning phase of a global conflict for earth’s last remaining resources and ultimate hegemony, but it will have to soon enough.

As is the case with the West, there is a profound ignorance towards the machinations and core of Islam, and its role within ISIS.

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The West has become too liberalised, too soft, and will need to adopt a military society to survive. It is no use to show off how liberal and civilised you are when the barbarians are literally knocking on your door. This sort of nonchalance and apathy is the reason that all great civilisations perished. Maybe it is the time of modern Western civilisation to disappear, simply because they did not see what was coming down the pike or were too lazy and liberalised to act.

Maybe the advent of robotics and AI within the military is the ultimate solution to the problem. Much technology is being developed and there have been glimpses of it, but from what the public is allowed to see, these are still in its infancy. Military technology always operates 50-70 years in advance of civilian technology, therefore we estimate that the time scale to unveiling the real hardware is soon, as required by any given situation.

Ultimately, the hierarchy knows what must be done, and how push and pull factors are used to gain ground in the interests of security and survival. Control all sides and stand back and watch. There is only so much that can be divulged to the public.