People of Britain Daily Squib EU Appeal

LONDON - England - This is an appeal from the Daily Squib newspaper to the people of Britain regarding the EU referendum in 2016.

Do you want to be ruled by someone else, do you want others to dictate to you their every whim, do you want shoddy laws created in your own country discriminating against you, do you want to end up an economic basket case like the rest of Europe, do you want to be enlisted in an EU army, do you want your kids to be enlisted in an EU army, do you want your freedom to be British?

W A K E    U P

This is real, this is no joke, this is not satire, this is as real as we have ever got. The EU referendum is the last chance the British people will have to keep their island. Please understand the gravity of the situation here, the economy will not suffer if we are out of the EU, it will soar. The UK will be a global trading partner and not stuck in some measly corner.

Here at the Daily Squib, we feel David Cameron’s pain, because he has been told that economically the UK will be better off stuck in the EU bloc, but he knows deep in his heart that what he is doing is wrong. Here is a man, a Prime Minister torn between selling off Britain on the cheap, surrendering to the EU when he should be freeing us from the chains and constant Schengen immigrant attacks. We know what is truly in your heart David and we urge you to go towards the light, because becoming a traitor to your people was never in your remit. The pompous gorillas strutting around Brussels are not Britain’s friend and you know that.

Okay, some parts of Europe are nice, but so what? Being out of the EU will not stop you travelling, you will have a British passport and that is still a ticket to pretty much anywhere.

Do you want hospitals, do you want schools, do you want to drive through roads again, do you want more money in your pocket?

Think about it, less money spent on EU benefits will mean exactly that. They are ruining Britain from the inside, they are taking away resources, they are causing massive crime waves, throw away the ghettos, deport the ones who are no use, get this island back to what it used to be, not some dumping area for the world’s poor, uneducated freeloaders. Britain should be inviting educated, intelligent people who will be of use, instead the clever ones are leaving these shores as they see what is happening. We need Brain Gain not Brain Drain as is the case right now.

The tiny island of Britain is being swamped and someone has to do something about it. That someone is you, and your chance to vote will be what makes this country Great again, not some insignificant zone floundering in a sea of mediocrity within the eurozone.

Break the chains holding Britain, stamp on the hands dragging us into the sea, stand up and fight for your country.

Please spread this article far and wide, read the Daily Squib from now on, we tell it as it is, we are not bullshitting here. This is Britain’s last chance. Open your eyes. See what is happening and know that you can change the future.