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New Taxi App Unter Causing London Traffic Chaos

LONDON - England - Black cabbies and Uber drivers were up in arms today because of the introduction of the latest taxi app called Unter.

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Created by 21-year-old Hong Hung Hi. Unter is based in Palo Alto, United States and is now worth over $650 billion.

“The concept is real simple. Where Uber means cars, Unter means drivers can use anything to transport their passengers. You got a go-cart, shopping trolley nicked from Morrisons, an old mule, or just a piece of rope, your customers get to their destination and everyone’s happy.”

Despite the words of encouragement from the company’s founder, Unter has come under fire recently from Londoners and taxi firms that use motor vehicles to transport their passengers.

“I was driving down Shaftesbury when in front of me were 260 Unter taxis. Some were in trolleys, there was a tramp dragging a passenger in a cardboard box and even a camel. When the lights turned green, it took three hours to clear the junction,” Ron Melchard, a London cabbie told the BBC.

Unter customers are however delighted with the app and it has got rave reviews on the site.

“Where can you get a ride from Highgate to Whitehall for 23 pence? I thoroughly enjoyed my ride on an old dusty carpet smeared with cat poo and dragged along by my Unter driver. It took four days for the journey but my cab costs have gone right down.”

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