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The Daily Squib Guide to Avoiding Pro EU Propaganda During Run...

LONDON - England - We're here to help you to avoid the mass brainwashing and pro EU propaganda which will ensue before the EU referendum vote.

Comrade Cameron: I’m Back or Am I?

LONDON - England - Confusion was felt across parliament today as news filtered through that Comrade Cameron was back, but ten minutes later sources revealed the comrade may have done a U-turn.

Psychologists: Feminism is Lesbianism

NEW JERSEY - USA - Professor Germaine Leer, head of the Socio-Psychological department at Princeton University has revealed some of her findings in a new book about modern feminism in the 21st century.

Science: Why Biological Women Could be Superseded in Future

STOCKHOLM - Sweden - The rise of feminism and misandry amongst today's women could be the advent of a future with no biological women left, a team of scientific thinkers and technologists revealed on Sunday.

Drudge Report: End of Internet Era

WASHINGTON D.C. - USA - The invasive Obama-led Net Neutrality will spell the end of the internet as we know it, where all forms of free speech and political discourse will be censored by the state. Websites like Drudge Report will be removed.

Labour Equalities Minister Harriet Harperson Shown Parallel Parking Her Car

BELFAST - Northern Ireland - On a recent visit to the city, Labour Equalities minister, Harriet Harperson showed off her parallel parking and spatial awareness skills to a group of jeering male students.

Comrade Chavez Goes to the Great Dacha in the Sky

CARACAS - Venezuela - Sean Penn, Fidel Castro, Cristina Kirchner and President Obama were in mourning today, as were thousands of Venezuelans after their cherished communist leader passed away.

Cameron Stasi Snooper’s Charter to Spy on You

LONDON - England - The British Coalition government is introducing a new Communications Data Bill which will take away all internet and telephone privacy for every UK citizen.

Miliband Wants Poor People to Help the Rich Accept Poverty Too

LIVERPOOL - England - Labour party leader, Ed Miliband is proposing in his new manifesto that he will implement programs for enabling poor people to teach rich people how to be poor, because when he's in power he wants everyone to be poor.

EU Soviet Agenda and Comrade Cameron

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The EU's Soviet agenda was laid bare today with the unveiling of a new EU poster that finally puts to rest the bloc's Soviet credentials.

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