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Police State Britain: The End of Democracy Within EU Totalitarian Dictatorship

LONDON - England - The introduction of the EU Snoopers Charter is just a little taster of the totalitarian EU state's hold over Britain in the future.

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Led by David Cameron, democracy is now a waning memory in British historical annals.

Why are the likes of David Cameron and his evil Eurocentric cronies acting like a bunch of totalitarian tin pot dictators? The answer is in the EU, Britain is being swallowed up by the totalitarian pseudo-fascist EU Marxist state, and Dave just doesn’t give a shit in hiding it any more.

“I wish to make it even more unpleasant to live in the UK. We will search your homes, listen to your calls and track you wherever you may go. We will do this because we’re staying in the EU and they make the orders here now,” Cameron told the BBC sneering down at the camera.

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The Prime Minister detests the British people, and is not only willing to sell them down the river with his traitorous villainy but he doesn’t trust you one bit either. You may be innocent, never committed a crime in your life, but you will still be treated like a criminal from birth to death.

Bringing in the snoopers charter is one step closer to the real EU plan, and Cameron’s treason against Britain and its people will be apparent in a few years time when people will be made to just disappear.

“The EU Snoopers Charter will be used to sniff out any dissent to the EU. They will come in the early hours of the morning for you wearing black masks. Bundling you into an unmarked van, you will be taken to an area for processing before interrogation and then liquidation. Dissent against the totalitarian state will not be permitted,” an unnamed EU official revealed before slinking back into the shadows giggling like a hyena.

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