Comrade Cameron Crushing His Own Party and Country

SEKTOR 101 - EU - Supreme comrade in chief, David Cameron, has had a busy day bulldozing half his party and other enemy elements within the EU soviet country of Britain.

Nothing gets in the way of a dictator and control freak like Comrade Cameron, especially when it comes to the EU Referendum where there was no Plan B, or exit strategy.

“EU Comrades, I announced the EU Referendum knowing full well that there was no Plan B. I therefore set up the referendum so there is only one viable answer for voters to give. I squashed grassroots Tories and expelled half of my Cabinet. I consorted with the enemy i.e. Tony Blair and the dark Lord Mandelson. I alienated 80% of the Tory party and have shit on the people of Britain and their history, but frankly I do not care, because I am right and everyone else is wrong. I am the supreme comrade in chief here, not you. I will continue in my mission until it is complete, so there.”


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