Leaving EU Would be Shock to UK Economy But a Good Shock Say Experts

LONDON - England - Leaving the EU will not be easy. They will put many obstacles in our path, they will try to sabotage us at every point, but it can be done, and once Britain breaks free, it will prosper as it has done for centuries without the EU.

Business leaders and economists all agree, the initial shock on leaving may well be a hardy journey to traverse, mainly because the EU’s two year control period, in which it will seek to damage the UK further, but once the chains are lifted, the UK would be set free once again to do as it did for centuries before it was enslaved.

Yes, there are many horror stories being bandied about by the Project Fear emissaries of terror, however no one is saying that life would be all roses outside the EU, the truth is it won’t be easy, however once Britain recovers from the shackles of the EU it would prosper as it has for millennia.

Britain always comes out on top whatever happens, it is this spirit of adversity that put the Great into Britain.

Outside of the EU, there are thousands of free trade agreements, whether multi-lateral or bilateral. There is the Commonwealth and the Anglo-nations. Britain would once again forge closer ties with India, North America and the Far East and whoever else wants to trade. New trading agreements can always be made up, bigger, better, more lucrative for all parties. The globe is an open opportunity and Britain does not have to be constrained to one tiny area of the world. Think globally, as the Victorians did, not closed off and limited in horizons.

Britain leaving the EU, will not mean that Europe trade will suddenly cease, as deals will continue, and even though the EU may be spiteful and want Britain to fail, they will most certainly put a few obstacles in its way to show the rest of the EU countries that leaving is bad.

The EU is most of all afraid of a strong Britain. They also do not want a country prospering outside the EU, because of contagion to other imprisoned states within its control mechanism.

There is no doubt, that there will be an initial shock to the system, but this would be a good shock, as the chains holding Britain would be broken. An emancipation, and a New beginning from slavery and limitation as the EU’s whipping boy.

Fuck the EU dear friends, and let us look ahead to good times, free, free from the shackles, the trade limits, the quotas, the Brussels red-tape and the ridiculous diktats inhibiting Britain.

Great Britain is bigger than the pox-ridden EU, and the EU knows it. That’s why they’re scared right now.

BREAK FREE! Once and for all!