Project Fear: Comrade Cameron Preparing For Un-democratic EU Referendum

LANZAROTE - Sektor 12 - Supreme Comrade Cameron has addressed his operatives, the politburo and Stasi agents from the safety of his dacha.

Hello comrades. I have been preparing for the undemocratic EU Referendum where there will only be one answer accepted in the vote.

I have been reminiscing at my dacha in Lanzarote where I have formulated even more effective techniques of propaganda to fool the British people.

Our great Soviet dream to enslave the people of Britain is working fine, however I have ordered the politburo and Stasi to upgrade efforts in indoctrination on Twitter and other controlled state media apparatuses.

In my time of reminiscence, I have had time to collect my thoughts and create a war plan that will smash the enemy. These lickspittle swine who want democracy and freedom are abhorrent pigs and they will be crushed without mercy.


Project Fear

On the day of the referendum I will instruct all commissars to present themselves at poll booths and bully voters into voting to stay in the EUSSR.

If the democracy lovers disobey my orders, they will be rooted out, and at a later date either put into re-education camps or shot like the dogs they are.

We of course have a fail safe mechanism, all ballots will be manned by our operatives and if they spy an Out vote, they will quietly put this in a bin or mark it as unusable.

If that method fails, (highly unlikely) the EUSSR will not acknowledge the vote and dismiss it as a false result.

Comrades, Remain voters, apparatchiks, fellow commissars of the British Soviet EU State, I am pleased with your dedication to the Soviet principles of the undemocratic EU.

Our unelected leaders in the collectivised EU are waiting for an answer and we shall give it to them one way or another.

Diktat 6543-2 : Increased chocolate rations of 2.8 grams for Sektor 101 have been approved by Supreme Supreme Comrade Merkel.

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