EU Referendum: Project Fear Using Same Tactics as ISIS

BRUSSELS - Belgium - The Goldman Sachs and EU funded Project Fear is using the same propaganda tactics as terrorist group ISIS.

Speaking in Brussels, unelected EU eurocrats have told agencies involved in the Project Fear push that more terror and fearful information must be pushed onto the British public because they weren’t terrified enough.

“I want to see the British swine running down their dirty streets screaming in terror at the thought of Britain leaving the EU,” Hans Junger, an EU official shouted during a briefing.

The incessant fearful headlines and propaganda videos being churned out by the EU seem to be having some effect on people in Britain.

“When I see anything like that, I roll my eyes, then simply switch whatever I’ve been watching off. If I am in public and something comes within my vicinity spouting pro-EU fearmongering I simply walk away. It’s really quite easy to dodge. Block on twitter is also a very useful tool. I don’t watch the BBC either, so I avoid most of the scaremongering bollocks,” a man at a bus stop told no one in particular.

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