Emergency Measures: UK Will Exit EU Fast – No 10 Year Lies

LONDON - England - In the event of a Brexit, an emergency contingency governmental team would take up the role of exiting the EU.

There will be no ten years as espoused by the scaremongering Irish Project Fear member Gus O’Donnell.

O’Donell’s assertions are completely false and have no basis in reality. In fact, there would be minimal negotiations needed to exit the EU.

The Out vote will be final, there will be no countermeasures allowed by any nefarious faction with regards to red-tape as it will all be null and void.

In an emergency state, Britain is not party to Brussels red tape and should withdraw as quickly as possible, even without triggering article 50 (The Lisbon Treaty).

We must treat this as a matter of great urgency, as these are emergency conditions, akin to a war footing. Ignoring treaties should be considered as Britain regains it sovereignty.

Whoever forms the new government will thus need to involve ministers who are experienced in matters of emergency and war.

Once again, do not listen to the voices of doom that emanate from Project Fear, there will be no ten years, as Britain will be a sovereign state once again and will utilise its regained powers to extricate itself from the octopus tentacles of the EU.