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Vote Leave: Out of Touch Nicky Morgan Wrong About Jobs

LONDON - England - The Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan is wrong to claim that Brexit will affect jobs. We give you the FACTS refuting everything she says.



With further scaremongering from the offices of Project Fear, we now have the lies and put-downs coming from Nicky Morgan, the Education Secretary.

Many in the UK have to deal with Zero Hour contracts, and are stifled with low wages; the EU has not been good for young people and employment.

What about the unemployment rate in many European countries? EU countries on the continent are hampered by a large number of unemployed youth, where Greece leads the table at 25% of the population.

Britain sends the EU £350 million per week, with little return. The UK could use this money to rebuild its troubled over subscribed services like the NHS and schools. We could build a new hospital for £350 million per week, or create new jobs and opportunities for young people in Britain.

It is highly irregular that Nicky Morgan has unjustly chosen to spread more lies and fear regarding jobs and Brexit.

Let us think of this generation and the ones to come, for their sake we must leave the EU and rebuild Britain.


The Secretary of State is wrong to claim that there has been a drop in job vacancies because of uncertainty. Official statistics show job vacancies are increasing, not falling due to ’employers’ fears of Brexit’.


  • According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), ‘There were 768,000 job vacancies for the 3 months to February 2016. This was: 10,000 more than for September to November 2015 [and] 26,000 more than for a year earlier’.
  • The Secretary of State does not cite official statistics, but a survey from a private company based on limited data.
  • The OBR has explicitly stated that there is no sign of uncertainty in the run-up to the referendum: ‘There were only tentative signs of uncertainty regarding the EU referendum result affecting investment intentions by the time we closed this forecast and we have made no adjustment to reflect a change in behaviour’.


The CBI research cited by the Education Secretary shows jobs will increase if we Vote Leave.


  • The Education cites research by the CBI in her speech. This report actually shows that 3 million jobs will be created if we Vote Leave and that growth will be stronger if the UK strikes a free trade agreement with the EU between 2021 and 2030 than if it remains in the EU.
  • The other research cited by the Education Secretary by the LSE is from an EU-funded body.


The Head of the BSE campaign, which the Education Secretary supports, has admitted wages will rise if we take back control. This will be good for young people.


  • During a recent Treasury Select Committee hearing, the Chairman of the Britain Stronger in Europe (BSE) Campaign, Lord Rose of Monewden was asked by Wes Streeting MP: ‘if free movement were to end following Brexit, is it not reasonable to suppose that we could see increases in wages for low-skilled workers in the UK? Lord Rose said: ‘If you’re short of labour, the price of labour would go up. So Yes. But that’s not necessarily a good thing’.


The Education Secretary claims we need to be in the EU for ‘internationalism’. There is nothing internationalist about the job-destroying single currency or the EU’s trade policy.


  • Unemployment in the Eurozone is 10.3%. In Greece, the unemployment rate is 24.0%. In Spain, it is 20.5%.
  • Youth unemployment in the Eurozone is 22.0%. It is 48.9% in Greece and 45.0% in Spain.
  • EU agricultural policies harm the third world. The EU-funded Centre for European Reform admits that: ‘EU policies, particularly those on trade, agriculture and fisheries, continue to harm poor countries‘, including ‘tariffs and quotas which discourage or exclude produce from developing countries’.


Nicky Morgan is hopelessly out of touch with young people.


  • Nicky Morgan will claim in her speech ‘This is the generation of… Ebay.’ Ebay was founded 21 years ago in 1995. She’s at least one generation out.

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