Michael Douglas: “Why Eating Out Can Be Dangerous”

NEW YORK - USA - Iconic Hollywood actor Michael Douglas has given a candid interview on the vagaries of eating out at seafood restaurants.

“You know I used to do it all the time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, and maybe a midnight snack here or there. It’s dangerous though because eventually I caught something, and boom had to have surgery on my throat,” the actor told GQ magazine in his most recent interview.

Doctor Emile Schopenhauser has also corroborated Douglas’ fear of eating out at seafood restaurants.

“Sometimes it’s like chicken, sometimes it’s like seafood, plus you don’t know what it was swimming in before. Like there could be contamination from other sources, so gentlemen and some ladies, when you’re eating out your next seafood platter please ask that it has been cleaned first, or better still forego the hors d’oevres and just proceed to the main course. Please remember to be careful there too.”