New Reality Show “I’m a Hate Cleric You Can’t Get Me Out of Here”

LONDON - England - Based on EU policy in the UK, the latest reality show to hit our shores is so close to reality that it actually is reality.

“We put six Islamist hate clerics in a £3 million taxpayer funded home in Kensington where they are given every luxury they want at the expense of the British taxpayer. The aim of the show is to simply stay in the house and carry on spouting hateful rhetoric against the West. Naturally there will be a camera in every room and little creative games for the Hate Clerics to play like “avoid the extradition order”.

Day Four Hundred and Sixty Five

The six Hate Clerics will all have a team of lawyers on hand at all times racking up vast bills for the British taxpayer.

“After doing the first episode of the show I actually got offers from Brussels as a spokesman for Hate Cleric rights. I turned it down however as the expenses package was not good enough. I prefer to stay in the UK and live the life of Riley,” Abu Hamid, a celebrated Hate Cleric from Bolton said from his luxurious room in the reality show house.

Ant and Dec were said to be delighted to be presenting another multi-million pound show but are seriously scared of the contestants.

Endemol, who created the reality show have said that test screenings were positive with the show format being adapted to regions all over the world.