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How Simon Cowell Creations Are Dominating Music Charts

LUTON - England - Simon Cowell is the Music Biz today. No need for Top of the Pops anymore, because with Cowell and his franchises of music programming, the population of the world has truly been satisfied.

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“He saved the Biz. Without Simon Cowell, there would still be people out there actually singing songs,” Bobby Guccione, a former A&R man at Arista Records told Music Week magazine.

Cowell was recently in the UK to promote his latest talent D4NNY.

“This some deep shit. When I heard this song I knew the deep message was there. Anyone who hears this song will not be able to get it out of their heads for at least a day. That’s what I’m looking for in an autotune song however terrible or bad it is,” Cowell said.

The song has already leaped to Number 1 in the charts and sold a massive 23 records which is the requirement to get to Number 1 position these days.


Without Cowell’s influence the songs in the charts would now not be delivered solely with autotune. This is a remarkable achievement in music software promotion and has truly dominated all genres of music.

“There’s only one genre of music now. Crap. And I’ve made millions from that,” Cowell said from his multi-million pound yacht in Montecarlo.

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