EDL Trip to Africa Cancelled This Year

SCUNTHORPE - England - This year's educational trip to Africa for members of the English Defence League, has been cancelled at short notice due to unforeseen circumstances a spokesman for the fascist organisation revealed today.

“The trip is one of the requirements for joining our racist organisation. We like to have an expedition every year to see where humans originated from. You see we all came from Africa, and we as humans are all the same really irrespective of colour or creed. Even though the EDL is racist to the bone, we know deep down that over thousands of years of human migration and breeding our skin tones adapted to our surroundings. As for England, most English people are descended from the Normans and I think we’re all kind of French, with a little bit of German, Spanish, Dutch, Viking and all sorts. Even our Royal family is from the German, Saxe-Coburg Gotha and Hanover House, ” Lee Jagger, the EDL spokesman told the BBC.

Looks like EDL members will have to wait for next year for their educational trip. Until then they will have to content themselves by scowling and grimacing at demonstrations and vowing to “kill all non-whites and muzzies in England”.