Bike Riding in China Good Fitness Guide

BEIJING - China - There are many ways to stay fit in China and bike riding is increasingly becoming popular amongst the Chinese.


“I get up in the morning. Put on my gas mask and get on my bike. I like to go through the white smoke racing here, racing there. I wear gloves or my skin hurts with the acid in the air. When I come home I decontaminate my clothes and change the filter in my gas mask,” Xian Ling, 23, a keen bicycle rider from Tianjing revealed.

This year alone 589,000,000 Chinese people took up cycling and the trend seems to be growing. Every year 589,000,000 people die from toxic air pollution so everything evens out.

“My friend Xing Ziang went over a cliff the other day because of the atmosphere he could not see where he was going. It was very sad, we could not find the body because we cannot see more than 12 inches in front of us,” Kwan Ji, another young bike rider revealed who has since died by riding his bicycle under a 20 tonne truck.

Minister for Leisure, Tian Shin, was adamant that the toxic chemicals people breathe during bike rides are not a cause for alarm.

“The air is clean. We urge all people to breathe in the air deeply. Bike riding is good for respiration and exercise. Come to China, see for yourself.”