Backtracking Cameron Not Sure Whether to Buy Pair of Flip Flops

LONDON - England - The Prime Minister of Great Britain, David Cameron does not know if he wants to buy a pair of flip flops.

With news filtering through that David Cameron’s EU proposals have been deemed illegal by the president of the European Parliament and the PM backtracking on his proposals, it seems the PM is also flip flopping on his decision to buy a new pair of flip flops.

“I said I wished to buy these flip flops but now I am questioning whether to buy them or maybe I should buy one flip and leave the other flop in the shop. If I was to somehow borrow the flip flop or rent it for the summer months, although I am yet undecided about what colour to get them in, or the particular design of the flip flop, maybe the shop owner can decide for me, or my beautiful wife. I have now this minute decided to buy a pair of flip flops, oh wait a second, I wish to backtrack on that, I wish to look at the flip flop in the shop window and think about buying it at a future date in time, in fact why buy flip flops during the winter months? Let’s just say these flip flops that I wish to purchase should maybe only be bought in the summer, when flip flopping is all too prevalent, especially in Portugal. My adviser from Brussels just called me to say I should pretend to buy the flip flops but hold back at the last moment and maybe get a better deal. I think this is a great flip flopping idea but I still have my reservations on the efficacy of this strategy however I will hold another meaningless consultation with some flip flop experts and proceed from there, or maybe not.”