Michelle Obama Clown Act Derided by Real Clowns

KANSAS CITY - USA - Michelle Obama made a surprise visit to Topeca High School dressed as a clown on graduation day but was booed off stage and pelted with rotten eggs and tomatoes.

An impromptu appearance by the First Lady, Michelle Obama, at a Kansas City High School dressed as a clown came under fierce criticism from the U.S. Guild of Clowns.

“We found her performance darn right creepy and offensive to clowns everywhere. What was she thinking?” Dilbo Bugbit, a clown told the close knit group on Saturday.

Mrs Obama stepped out to the High School graduation stage wearing a full on clown outfit, then proceeded to clown around even squirting the principal with a fake flower on her lapel.

Another clown said: “We already got one imposter clown in office, we don’t need his wife doing the same thing.”