Summer Holiday Offers: Two Week Stay at Ebola Hotel All Inclusive

GUINEA - Africa - Our special summer holiday giveaway at the Ebola hotel is sure to make your mouth and eyes water.

The Daily Squib is offering a two week all-inclusive package holiday at the Ebola Hotel for our lucky summer holiday competition winners.

Here’s your chance to win a once in a lifetime, all-inclusive trip for a lucky competition winner to the world famous Ebola hotel resort in Guinea. Luscious bat caves, wonderful tropical jungles teeming with bats, some of the world’s best dark nightspots and friendly locals fleeing for their lives.¬† Your stay at the 5 star rated Ebola hotel will be your own little holiday paradise. You may only want all that relaxation on a decrepit hospital bed being treated by clueless medics wearing decontamination suits to be interrupted by such fun…


  • All Meals Consisting of Bat Meat
  • Premium Brand Bat Blood Liquor Distilled in the Jungle
  • Luxurious Accommodations in a Cave Full of Bats
  • Gourmet¬† Bat Dining
  • Scuba Diving
  • Roundtrip Airport Transfers
  • All Bat Blood Drinks
  • All Tips and Gratuities to the Doctors in Chem Suits
  • All Hotel Taxes
  • Watersports from the Bats Hanging in Caves
  • Funeral Services
Room service at the Ebola hotel
Room service at the Ebola hotel

To win this exclusive holiday just answer this simple question.

“Where does Ebola come from?”

1) Idiots who eat bat meat

2) Bat blood and meat when eaten

3) Bats

Terms and Conditions. Please send a postcard with the correct answer to Ebola Comp. 36 P.O. Box 456, Trimpleton Road, London, W1X D3. Competition will end on midnight some time next week. Employees of the Daily Squib are not allowed to enter the competition and neither is Batman.