London House Prices Give Woman Permanent Orgasm

LONDON - England - House prices in the capital city are increasing daily much to the delight of some home owners.

A London woman is in a permanent state of ecstasy as London house prices continue to rocket daily.

“I, I can’t believe it, yesterday my house went up by £23,000. Ooh, this is all too mu-u-u-ch for me,” the unnamed woman who owns a £950,000 studio flat in Wood Green, North London told the Daily Mail.

Unfortunately there has been a cost to her constant state of joy, she has lost her job, and her husband of six years.

“Let’s just say it is hard for me to walk down the street let alone do a good day’s work in office..AAAaaaah! George Osborne, George Osborne, vote Tory….ooph!”

If Labour wins in the upcoming 2015 General Election, she may get some rest.

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