Cameron Likes Waitrose Because Poor People Can’t Go There

LONDON - England - Prime Minister, David Cameron doesn't like to see poor people on his shopping trips to Waitrose.

“Waitrose is great, you go there and there is not a poor person in sight. No tracksuits, onesies, crying benefits babies or ethnics,” David Cameron revealed yesterday.

Most people in England can only shop at foodbanks or shop lift groceries from supermarkets, or go through bins looking for scraps, therefore Cameron’s comments did touch a nerve amongst the majority of the population.

“If the people can’t afford a loaf of bread for £7.50 we don’t want to see their grubby faces in here. Let’s just say the prices separate the wheat from the chaff, ” a privileged Waitrose customer, Doris Elleswater, 89, from Richmond Upon Thames added.