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Nick Clegg Joins Ukip After Losing Debate

LONDON - England - Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has joined Ukip after being solidly trounced by Nigel Farage on the second debate on Britain's involvement in the EU.

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“Everything I said, he [Nigel Farage] had a better answer. After the debate I got in my car and was driven home, I cried all the way there. When I got home, I phoned Nigel up and told him I wanted to join Ukip because he convinced me how wrong and deluded I was,” Nick Clegg told the BBC.

The official announcement of Nick Clegg’s resignation from the now defunct Lib Dem party was made this morning.

The errant Ukip leader, Nigel Farage, was said to be glad that Clegg had finally seen some sense, and sent over a few crates of top notch ale for the former Lib Dem leader to enjoy.

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