Alec Baldwin: “It’s My Fifth Goodbye This Week”

NEW YORK - USA - Alec Baldwin, has had enough of showbiz and is announcing his departure for the umpteenth time, but this time it could be serious -- we hope.

The Hollywood celebrity, Alec Baldwin, has been doing the media circuit for the last few days.

“Goodbye! I am now leaving, I really am leaving. Okay! I said I was leaving, you won’t see me ever again, this is why I’m announcing my leaving on network television. You’re going to miss me when I’m gone. I’m going now, see ya, bye, no more Baldwin, did I mention I’m leaving? I, I just hope my trophy wife still stays with me even when the fame, money and attention goes, I know that’s the only reason she’s with me right now. Alright, did you get the shot? Okay, this angle, I’m walking away now.”