Amber Never Heard, She’s Tone Deaf

LOS ANGELES - USA - Amber Heard may be extremely beautiful but sadly she has many misgivings in the brain department.

Amber Heard

With all those alleged multiple personalities, schizoid Amber Heard is also a money/power mad narcissistic vindictive megalomaniac. But, that’s not all it seems. Throughout the court case, poor old Amber has had the curtain lifted from her scheming ways and all her manipulation techniques brought out into the open, much to her chagrin.

No one is saying Johnny Depp is any better, however he seems to be currently in the lead with the jury, and sentiment outside court.

Things may change when she testifies and brings up the tears to act for the audience.

Living with luvvies must be a torment, a living nightmare where these loons cavort around their homes thinking the sun shines out of their puckered assholes for one minute, then the next thinking they are the worst people in the world. Up, down, up, down, sniff this, down that, inject more shit into your ankle.

The worst part of this sordid clinical defamation trial is the loss of any mystery these so-called stars ever had. Who wants to hear about their lives dissected in such an intricate manner? The Hollywood stars of the past held their fame and super stardom by being private, and today that is all lost. Depp and Heard are not stars anymore, they are just damaged children who somehow got lucky. We now know every minute detail about them. They have thus lost their star power because there is no air of mystery about them anymore.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Amber Heard may be extremely delicious to look at and can fuck like a rabbit on heat but her mind is a sea of mud. Her soul and aura are stained tramp mattresses, her intent is one of destroying every part of a man because she detests men with a vengeance.

You can have one or the other, not both. Either endure hell but enjoy her body for as long as you can, aesthetically, or try to tame a very sick puppy as her mind fucks you into a thousand pieces of oblivion. There are no half ways with luvvies, either it’s 100% this way, or 100% that way.

We must therefore look to the future, mes amis. Maybe one day they will create androids/cyborgs that are as good to look at as Amber Heard without the fucked up mind the real person has.