News That’s Beyond Satire – Edition IV

LONDON - England - Do you ever read a mainstream news headline and sit there in an awe stricken daze? Check out our next edition of selected Beyond Satire news.

beyond satire

Greetings from the fetid bowels of the news headlines constantly beamed into your already frazzled brains. This time around for News That’s Beyond Satire we have a few gems that are so far-fetched you will think they were cooked up by genius satirists who come from the Planet Satire and have travelled so far into the space-time continuum that they emerged up and beyond their own arses.

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Winston Churchill Charity Deletes Winston Churchill From Charity

Let’s say I am a Winston Churchill fan, because he was a man of true greatness, and he pretty much won World War II, saving Britain from the Nazis. I want to donate money to a charity that embodies the principles and greatness of Sir Winston Churchill. So I go to The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust, only to find that he has been completely airbrushed out of existence by some Woke overpaid communist cunts who have infiltrated the Trust. They removed all of his pictures and every detail of his life. Would I give a single penny to that charity?

Michel Barnier the French Anti-Brexit Negotiator Who Made Our Lives Hell For Four Years Trying to Stop Brexit is Now Arguing For Frexit From the EU

How about that for a spanner in the works, the same guy who was trying to trip up Britain’s exit from the EU for years and fucking years, is now arguing for France to leave the EU in a Frexit? What the fuck is going on there? Has this Barnier bloke lost his marbles completely, or has he found them? Whichever side of the fence you sit on, this is an incredible about turn.

The Biden Administration Praises America’s “Incredible Success” in Afghanistan

There are just no words to explain the words from Joe Biden, and his administration, stating that the retreat from Afghanistan was “successful“. Maybe, amongst the burnt bodies, the Taliban executions, and $98 billion worth of hi-tech U.S. military equipment left for the Taliban to continue their Sharia Jihad, the word “success” now means “failure”.