This Week Ellen Page is a Straight White Male

LOS ANGELES - USA - The Hollywood actress, Ellen Page, has changed their status to that of Elliot, a straight white male.

Apparently Hollywood actress, Ellen Page is now a man named Elliot.

He/They is now a straight white male, for this week, but may change status next week, according to her whim.

“The week before this week I was a lesbian female, but this week I am a man who likes chicks, and the week after that I could revert to being a lesbian female or extend my horizons and become a bisexual Billie goat…baaaaah!” the actress told LA Week magazine.

Of course, Elliot will still indulge theyself in imbibing in the glories of the bearded clam, partaking in the wonders of the panty hamster, exploring the depths of the French withered pear, and tasting the delicacies of the juice box, the dew flaps of joy, behold theys adventures continue.