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Another Tedious Megain Markle Lecture to the Unwashed Masses

SANTA BARBARA - USA - It's another day, and another tedious lecture from the 'self-appointed' voice of the people, Meghan Markle.

Every day is a special day in Meghan Markle land, where she, appointed by absolutely no one, has taken it upon herself to lecture the masses on how to do things the ‘right’ way.

Living in a grotesquely vulgar Californian McMansion that creates a vast carbon footprint on the earth, and a private jet lifestyle spewing huge amounts of carbon gases into the atmosphere is of course of no concern to this vile goblin creature.

“Oh you must reduce your carbon footprint,” the creature from the black lagoon bleats to others whilst revelling in a life of excess and insane extravagance that many could only dream about.

If this ghastly parasitic harridan actually cared about the ecological well-being of the planet, would she and Harry not be living in some Canadian forest off-grid teepee or yurt?

We are now getting daily lectures and being ‘ordered’ to vote for Biden, as opposed to Trump, that’s all well and good, however last we heard, we live in a fucking democracy and it is up to the mind of the voter to make their own minds up. To be ordered by some jumped up self-appointed ambassador to the world on who to vote for, what to think, and how to express yourself online is enough to bring a jet of projectile vomit up, and vote for Trump!

Meghan Markle, the self-appointed ruler of the globe is now the voice everyone hears daily, lecturing about some eco/feminist/anti-capitalist/Marxist issue that is frankly getting old very fucking quickly.

Why don’t you just live your hypocrisy filled champagne socialist deluxe carbon-spewing life in the Californian sun paid for by the British taxpayer and leave us all alone?

To hear that same-old moaning condescending voice ordering people how to think and do things makes people hate Meghan even more intensely than they already do.  One only has to read the comments section of any news item where the ‘voice of the people’ has shat, and you will see the utter hatred for this narcissistic piece of detritus.

As for Harry, yes you keep telling us you have ‘mental’ problems. How about getting some private clinical help instead of constantly telling everyone about your mental illness. Try thinking for yourself as well sometimes and do not follow that old mangy ball wacker you were tricked into marrying without question or thought. Everyone knows you have mental problems, but damn it boy, have some fucking decorum.

Does the sun shine out of Meghan Markle’s bony ass? Does Harry have to wear a pair of sunglasses when he lifts her skirt?

No! The world does not revolve around you, Meghan Markle, and the more we hear your tedious droning fake voice, and see your fake plastic smile, the more hatred you create in this world. Maybe that’s what you want to do, create conflict and negative feeling, because if you just stayed in your fucking grotesque mansion and SHUT THE FUCK UP, there would be less hate in this world. People are sick of being lectured by you and your little boy — Harry.

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