U.S. Election: Facebook Preparing to Delete Trump

PALO ALTO - USA - Internet monopoly, Facebook is preparing to delete President Trump before or after the November election.

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Big Tech companies do not adhere to laws or democracy therefore they have carte blanche to do anything they want, that’s why Facebook CEO, Zuckerberg and his lieutenants are preparing to erase Trump from their servers either before or after the election in November.

It is fine for socialists to deny an election result, but if anyone else questions the result, they are deleted. The American socialists have been denying the 2016 election result for four years now, and they still have not accepted Trump’s democratic election win to this day. The Democrat party have been attempting to subvert and deny democracy since 2016.

The British Brexit EU Referendum also saw the same denial of democracy for four years after the event where socialists denied democracy by attempting to pervert justice to overrule the result overwhelmingly voted by the British people to leave the EU.

Tech experts who study these monopoly companies were in agreement that there will come a point when all social media accounts for Trump and his troops will be erased, and banned permanently to ensure a Democrat party win in the election.

“Some people have this belief we live in a democracy today. This is where they are wrong. We are now seeing a one-sided political message being broadcast everywhere, and this is solely from the socialist American Democrat party. All search engine results are now completely skewed towards the Democrat angle. All YouTube algos are completely skewed in a biased manner pushing only Democrat views. Social platforms have basically been eviscerated of any free-thinkers, Republicans or Libertarians. The octopus grip over the whole American media machine is locked so tight that there is only a single sided political message being broadcast to voters. To have an effective democracy, there has to be all sides of political discourse allowed, but we do not have that any more. Thanks in part to Trump’s intransigence and laziness to tackle the problem, he may soon see on election day that he should have at least tried something instead of sitting on his fat ass and twittering his latest brain fart. We are now NOT living in a functioning democracy, because any political discourse apart from the Marxist socialist rhetoric/agenda drip fed from Democrat central office is conveniently labelled as ‘hate speech’ and erased,” one tech commentator revealed.

It is now apparent that this technocratic algo dystopian nightmare aligned with the Chinese Communist Model is the new normal and the monopolies who dictate the thought process of billions of people around the planet are the new masters — above the law, above government, and beyond any form of justice.