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Defiant Meghan Markle Vs Windsor Royal Family

VANCOUVER - Canada - Meghan Markle has pitted herself and her naive husband against the Windsor royal family in a cross-Atlantic feud.

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Meghan Markle detests the Windsor Royal family and Britain with a vehemence, and is now embroiled in a dirty war to prove she is bigger than all who stand in her way.

Harry and Meghan lied about wanting to step back from public life, this was the main reason stipulated for leaving the royal family and UK. If they wanted a quiet life, why are they conducting massive PR moves in North America, launching vast website campaigns, trademarking the ‘Sussex Royal’ name, getting paid vast sums of money by bankers for speeches and courting the paparazzi at every juncture?

Global domination is something at the heart of Meghan’s modus operandi.

Psychologist, Miriam Humbole, has analysed this dangerous woman and her vitriolic vendetta against a 1,000-year institution.

“Essentially, Meghan Markle fuels her schizoid narcissistic ego every time she sees a headline about her vendetta against the British monarchy, simply because it makes her sound more important, especially when it is perceived that she is running rings around the Windsor family. Meghan left Britain for North America in a huff because she was not the centre of attention all the time, and her exile was more about power play than anything else.

“Meghan’s sole focus right now is to make as much money as she can, and she will do this in the ruse of ‘charity funding’. The key factor is to ‘virtue signal’ for charity, rake in cash, give about 2% to the actual cause, and keep the rest. This pump and dump strategy along with the paid speeches, as well as paid Oprah-like appearances will bring in millions, in order for Meghan Markle to maintain her lavish lifestyle.

“The former Duchess of Sussex was never royal, but she knows she will have to use her son Archie to peddle for more money, and Harry who has royal blood. Markle does not in any way feel love for the former prince, and is only using him as a cash cow, which she will eventually discard for someone that actually turns her on. Conniving Meghan has a very good reason for leaving the UK, and extricating prince Harry — for a start, North American divorce laws will give her a majority stake in the upcoming divorce. Furthermore, the poor naive prince has been taken out of his comfort zone, he now has no advisors who really look out for him, and he has been taken away from the people who genuinely liked and cared for him. Psychologically, this will leave him even more vulnerable, and this is what Meghan is counting on, she wants him to act up, she wants him to be out of his depth as he realises how far he has fallen from grace and status, because that’s when she will tighten the final screws, plotting with her calculating mother, she will get her way, soon.

“We can only feel a great sadness and sorrow for prince Harry right now, as he will soon find out what the true repercussions are for marrying this evil conniving money grabbing grifter and her skin whitening concoctions, who actually detests black people in reality, but uses the race card at every opportunity. The only reason one whitens the skin from its actual dark state, is because you detest your own skin, as Meghan does. It is only a matter of time, how long can Meghan Markle keep up the charade of ‘loving’ Harry when she can barely stand him day in day out? Eventually, she will reveal the true Meghan to Harry, which is a cold, loveless, calculating machine for greed, narcissism, power and money — nothing more.”

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