The recent months have seen a drastic decline in the Windsor brand, a once royal paragon of Stoic excellence and charm, now reduced to a smouldering wreck where former members flee in abject terror.

The Prince Andrew Epstein saga was bad enough, but the additional sullying by Meghan and Harry has sadly put a serious dent into the British institution headed by the greatest Monarch Britain has probably known.

Yes, there was the Diana Charles fiasco of the eighties and nineties, and the Fergie disaster, but what Meghan and Harry have done is to damage the elemental soul of the British Monarchy in one fell swoop.

All it took was for some implant to come in, stir the pot, then fuck off. This is what Meghan was, a carefully placed pawn that has wreaked havoc within the royal court, and she has completed her mission very well, even taking dumbo with her, who she will pick apart now in her own time before discarding, like she did with all the others. The Windsors of course tried to accommodate and train Meghan to be a royal princess, but to no avail, you just can’t make a princess from a whore, and however much you polish a turd, it’s still a turd.

After lavishing vast weddings, intricate ceremonies and truckloads of taxpayer cash on Harry and Meghan, they left Britain behind, and pursued their Instagram dreams as influencers.

Meghan will now command $110,000 per Instagram sponsorship post, and we will all have the opportunity to buy Sussex branded toilet brushes, amongst the assorted goods, that the fickle masses will no doubt buy in bucket loads. This merchandising nightmare will sate the greed for money that Meghan needs, as she models herself on the crass celebrity status of the Kardashians and all the other fake plastic greed fuelled scum that inhabit the celebutard world of America. There will probably be a deal made with some American streaming company for millions of dollars to spill the beans. All of this, whilst preaching to the masses about saving the planet, the sheer hypocrisy will stink all the way to China where slave factories will manufacture the Sussex branded tripe.

In a few years after Meghan and Harry have amassed vast merchandising fortunes, and are regulars on the celebrity TV circuit of the banal American networks they will have peddled the Sussex and Windsor brand to the sewer, a turd floating in the depths of greed, narcissism and banality.

As for the poor Monarch, Her Royal Highness, in her late years has been too kind to the wayward prince, and the jackal he brought into the fold. To limit the damage, she should have forbidden the usage of the Sussex title, and taken away all pretence of royalty from Harry and Meghan. Prince Charles should have simply turned away, because Prince Philip did, and was the only honourable one who stood up to the petulant demands of the newly crowned celebrity starlets.

The damage now courses through the Windsors like a deep fracture, and the malaise will only get worse and worse every day Harry and Meghan are in North America touting their sorry wares and ill-gotten gains to dumb Americans who don’t know any better.

Let them consume themselves in their own selfish greed, and fickle celebrity fame which will disappear as quickly as it appeared, for it is the sad house of Windsor that will suffer daily from the hourly news reports and TV interviews Harry and Meghan plan on giving.