Mojo — an amazing Californian company has finally come up with augmented reality contact lenses that can enhance one’s eyesight, and connect through certain apps the user with a plethora of useful information all without wires, and a screen as big as a grain of rice.

The AR contact lenses will also help those with limited vision, as well as regular people who like the convenience of important data being beamed direct to their retina.

Imagine coming up with directions to the place you want to go at the blink of an eye, or recording that crucial meeting to playback later on, or seeing the outline of objects in low light, almost like the Terminator films. Want to fix something, bring up the schematics with step-by-step instructions showing you what to do, or dial up any info on the internet that will help you in whatever you’re doing.

The immediate attraction is that there are no clunky headsets, wires or glasses involved.

The applications for the AR contact lenses are endless, and could change your life immensely.

As of yet, the AR contact lenses are at a relative early stage of development but give it a few years and these things will be everywhere.

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