prince harry jungle celeb
Prince Harry enjoys the trek to the celebrity jungle camp.

Having had enough of being in the royal ‘fish bowl’ Prince Harry is taking a break from the Windsors and his demanding wife with a stint in the jungle away from everything apart from the celeb gossip columns and TV cameras.

The royal is in talks with ITV to join the reality jungle show along with disgraced biased Speaker of the House, John Bercow.

Palace officials are said to be rather relieved about the Prince’s adventure into the jungle, as it will take off some of the pressure off the royals and negative news about Meghan.

“We are happy that Prince Harry is going to the jungle where he will be forced to eat the raw testicles of some unfortunate animal on camera purely for the enjoyment of TV audiences and ratings from the producers of the show. We are sure the prince will take to it like a cuck to water.”

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan will stay at home, simply because she cannot travel to the jungle without her entourage of 75 assistants.

Prince Harry is still negotiating a suitable fee for his jungle appearance with the producers of the show, which should be quite a high figure.

The last time the royals were seen on telly in something similar was in 1987, in It’s a Royal Knockout when 18 million people tuned in, the fourth biggest audience for 1987, and more than 400 million viewers worldwide saw it later.