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The ninth film from genius director, Quentin Tarantino, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is set to be a real corker.

Tarantino explained in an interview recently about how daily life, and regular TV inspired him to write the new script.

“What makes me sit down to start writing is a genre that I’m interested in tackling. I was watching CNN – Boom! I see these crazy fucking eyes staring at me, and I immediately went to this book about the Tate murders. This fucking chick blabbing about a Green Deal or something, Ocasio-Cortez, she had the same look man, Charlie Manson, I could’ve swallowed a Royale with cheese right there and then, but go slow on the fuckin’ mayo! Once I started researching, I exploded the borders of the genre. DiCaprio, he’s my new Keitel. You know cultural points of fucking reference man – slap in some vintage cars, some nostalgia, some references to popular shit that went on back in the day when Hollywood was oozing with creativity, but I gotta mix it in with drugs, sick violence, and cheesy music that’ll come out in a box set in a few years in a bargain bucket. So even though it is a movie about the 60s Hollywood scene, it’s a lot more. But that’s my process. The film has multiple storylines, a mosaic of characters, some who meet each other, some who never meet, or some who meet in a different dimension. I don’t think it ever derails the train, it just makes the train ride a little more fun. I pride myself, when it comes to tone, on being able to turn on a dime. I can create a suspenseful thing, then break it with a joke, maybe add in some gratuitous violence, then top it off with the hero walking into the sunset along to surf guitar music. Then one more line and you’re back on a suspense tip! Fin! Credits roll with my special font I chose after many hours!”