Exclusive: Fappening 2014 Leak Was From Weinstein Phone iCloud

LOS ANGELES - USA - Investigations into Harvey Weinstein's catalogue of sexual abuse and the link to the 2014 Fappening become increasingly interchangeable.

There was an extreme cover up after the Fappening 4chan leak in 2014, in which trophy photos of actresses in compromised positions were dumped on mass to the Internet as seen on sites like freshfappening dot com.

What the hacker did not reveal is the iCloud phone source where all these trophy pictures came from — Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein fits the profile exactly, as he liked to catalogue his exploits. This is what sexual predator/rapists do according to criminologists.

The photo of a youthful Jennifer Lawrence wryly smiling whilst exhibiting a glazed face is most definitely a Weinstein trademark trophy photo. After those photos were taken, Lawrence was propelled into great fame via the Hunger Games. She, much like other actresses had earned her way to the top by being a ‘good girl’.

Any internet search comes up with a treasure trove of multiple photos of actresses in compromised positions, for all to see and download.


The Fappening photo dump is proof that many actresses in Hollywood have to put out, or get out. As much as the claims of walking out on Weinstein go, these are mere fabrications to keep a public profile and honour. There is no actress in this world who will ever admit she got down on her knees to get a role, for a start she has most probably relegated that awful memory to the ass end of her memory, an amnesiac trauma that is forgotten, secondly, to admit to such a thing would be career suicide. Instead, there is a wall of silence.

Weinstein had power because he could get these girls roles in films that would make them famous. He exploited this for his own pleasure much to the agony and desperation of these young women who needed a break — that final hurdle into the limelight and the red carpet.

Sadly for the exploited, the Fappening has come back to haunt these actresses like a bad case of the clap. It just keeps getting dredged up time and time again. Once the pictures hit the net, they are nigh on impossible to erase, a moment these actresses have to live over and over again, a recurring nightmare that ceases to go away.

One can only feel a certain sense of dismay and bewilderment to see such intimate pictures of assorted starlets displayed for everyone to see. Is there a ‘feel sorry for them’ factor, after all these are human beings displaying their private parts, their glazed faces, and their ultimate greed, for it is their pure hunger for fame and money that made them do it? There should be no remorse, either for them, or for Weinstein. They laid their beds all too willingly.