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Is it Anti-Semitic to Chastise Monster Harvey Weinstein?

LOS ANGELES - USA - The sudden fall from grace for this powerful Hollywood executive in the last week has been precipitous, however does this massive negative engagement by the media and female actresses bely an undertone of anti-semitism?

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“He is a Jew who used his position of power to get young poor Gentile women to submit to him sexually on promises of stardom. I wouldn’t say this is something that is new, but I feel there is a lot of anti-semitic feeling against Weinstein. For example, if it was a Christian director who did these horrible things, they would just brush it under the carpet, but because Weinstein fulfils the stereotypical role of a fat grotesquely ugly big-nosed Jew who takes your Gentile women away to abuse, he is now being pilloried and expelled from Hollywood,” one of Weinstein’s friends revealed on Wednesday.

So why now? It begs the question, because Weinstein was tolerated for his behaviour for thirty years, but only now has he been truly publicly exposed.


Even though she knew, Meryl Streep called Weinstein “god”, a few years ago, then only backtracked when the façade had broken across the whole media.

Michael Obama praised Weinstein as a “wonderful human being, a good friend, and just a powerhouse” whilst probably knowing about his reputation as a sexual molester and corrupt individual.

Since the horrific persecution of European Jews in WW2, there has been a terrific recovery across the world over 90 years later, and today Jewish people are hugely successful across pretty much every sector one can think of, but this should not lead to complacency and abuse of power.

We asked social analyst, Giles McBain, about the sudden shift in attitude towards Harvey Weinstein especially regarding anti-semitism.

“The reason Harvey Weinstein was protected for all those years, was precisely because he was Jewish. People were scared, not only for their jobs, but if they said anything they would be called anti-semitic. It is forbidden these days to say anything against prominent Jews, especially in the entertainment business. It comes down to the saying: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise”. So what precipitated the fall for this monstrous sexual predator? Well, it’s not anti-semitism when your fellow Jews have enough of your antics. Especially when Weinstein was haemorrhaging company money on shutting women up payoffs and losing large sums on failed film projects. You see he was tolerated when he was making the hits, but when that dried up, he was thrown to the dogs, by his own kind. That’s not anti-semitism, it’s just Hollywood money politics.”

Now, there’s just a free-for-all, as Weinstein is persona non grata pretty much everywhere, even amongst his own kind. They washed their hands of him.

Some rumours now doing the circuit allude to Weinstein escaping to Europe a la Polanski, another Jewish Hollywoodite who was expelled for pretty much the same reason. In Europe, Weinstein could still follow his pursuit of young girls but would most probably have to pay large sums of money to keep that sort of lifestyle.

The most probable outcome is that he will get away with everything with some very good lawyers, and be back in Hollywood within five years or less.

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